Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Services

Maximize your accounts receivable performance with our comprehensive accounts receivable services. With our expert assistance, you can Optimize Cash Collections, Reduce Denials, and achieve Unparalleled Financial Success. Unlock the power of our services and experience a transformation in your accounts receivable management. 

Accounts Receivable Services involves the process of identifying and resolving rejected or denied claims in the healthcare billing system.

Accounts Receivable Services

Our Accounts Receivable Services

AR Performance/Cash Collections: Optimize your Revenue Cycle Performance and Cash collections with our expert services. 

Our dedicated team will diligently manage your Accounts Receivable, accelerating cash flow and Reducing Outstanding Balances to maximize your Financial Outcomes.

Our AR Performance/Cash Collections service ensures seamless and efficient management of your accounts receivable. Boost your cash flow, reduce outstanding payments, and improve financial stability.

Denials Analysis: Minimize denials and identify trends with our comprehensive denials analysis services. 

Our experts will analyze denial patterns, implement targeted strategies to reduce future denials, and provide actionable insights to improve revenue capture.

Aithagoni’s experts will pinpoint reimbursement issues, streamline processes, and maximize your claim acceptance rate. Optimize your revenue cycle today with our data-driven solutions.

Claim Status: Stay informed about the status of your claims with our real-time claim status services. 

Our advanced technology and efficient processes provide you with up-to-date information on claim submissions, processing, and payment statuses, enabling proactive follow-up and revenue planning.

Payer Follow-up: Ensure timely payment by partnering with us for payer follow-up services. 

Our skilled team will diligently communicate with payers, resolving claim issues, and pursuing prompt reimbursement on your behalf, reducing delays and maximizing collections.

Self-pay Follow-up: Enhance self-pay collections and improve patient satisfaction with our self-pay follow-up services. 

Our compassionate team will engage with patients, offering flexible payment options, answering billing inquiries, and facilitating timely resolution, increasing your overall collection rates.

Denials Management: Effectively manage denials with our comprehensive denials management services. 

We’ll handle the end-to-end process of identifying, appealing, and resolving denials, ensuring optimal reimbursement for the services provided.

Appeals & Resolution: Maximize your revenue potential by leveraging our expertise in appeals and resolution. Our skilled professionals will craft compelling appeals, navigate the complex appeals process, and advocate for your practice to ensure fair and timely claim resolutions.

Patient Statements: Streamline patient billing and improve communication with our customized patient statement services. 

We’ll generate clear and concise statements that present billing information in an easily understandable format, promoting timely payments and reducing patient confusion.

Patient Inbound/Outbound Calling: Enhance patient communication and satisfaction with our patient inbound/outbound calling services. Our trained staff will handle patient inquiries, resolve billing concerns, and facilitate payment arrangements, ensuring a positive patient experience and maximizing collections.

Patient/Payer Refunds: Maintain financial integrity by efficiently managing patient and payer refunds. Our team will handle the refund process accurately and in compliance with regulations, safeguarding your practice’s reputation and ensuring financial transparency.

Balance Write-offs: Optimize your accounts receivable with our strategic balance write-off services. 

Our experts will analyze aged accounts, identify uncollectible balances, and execute proper write-offs, improving your financial metrics and reducing outstanding debt.

Collections: Secure outstanding payments through our professional collections services. 

We’ll employ ethical and effective collection strategies, maximizing recovery while maintaining positive patient and payer relationships.

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